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At midnight we came alongside, each ship being prepared for the
fight; ' Huzza !' then bold Faulkner he cried, ' we'll conquer or perish
this night'; So they gave us a broadside to try our courage and found us all
staunch, Not a man there but rather would die, than cowardly yield up the
The fight made the sea seem on fire; each bullet destructively
flew. Britannia her sons did inspire with courage that damp'd the
French crew, Saying, ' Cowards, you surely must die, for over you Death turns
his lance,' "While our balls repeat as they fly, ' Fight on, my brave tars of the
Our mainmast and mizen being gone the Frenchmen they
thought us their own, And with ' Vive la Republique !' their song we thought they would
never have done. We joined in their song undismayed, with music that made them
all dance, And not a false note was there played by the harmonious tars of
the Blanche.
When Faulkner resigned his last breath each tar gave a tear and
a sigh, Such sorrow was found at his death, but we'll soon be revenged
was the cry, But, like Wolfe, with victory crowned, at his death he said ' Ne'er
mind my chance; Fight on, my brave boys, or be drowned on board of our frigate
the Blanche.'
Bold Watkins his place soon supplied, and like a bold Hector
engaged His guns with more judgment to guide, for the death of his
captain enraged; And who could our fury allay when Le Pique alongside did
advance ? The masts being all shot away we grappled her close to the
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