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HOOD AND DE GRASSE         263
The Dons they have felt the effects of his rage;
No more with blood royal they'll dare to engage ;
For he stood on the deck with his naked drawn sword,
And by the bold Digby he passed the word.
Humanity touch'd him, tho' not with base fear,
When one noble ship was blown into the air.
His courage gave rapture to each jolly tar,
Who look on Prince William their bulwark in war.
He's royal, he's noble, he's chosen to be
The guard of this isle and the prince of the sea.
Come, all you jovial sailors, give ear unto my song; Let joy inspire your hearts while glory leads you on. The Count de Grasse with all his fleet has threatened us full
sore That with his great armada he'd scour the British shore, Our ships he'd sink, our islands take all under his command ; But the courage of bold Britons has stopt his warlike hand.
The proud and lofty hero in Port Royal harbour lay, And on the eighth of April from thence he sail'd away, And with his floating batteries, in all just thirty-three, A large convoy of transports to bear him company; With troops and ammunition, as plainly does appear, For to besiege Jamaica his course he strait did steer. He thought this great attempt was very bold indeed, But now I will unfold to you how far he did succeed.
For Hood soon had tidings the birds had took their flight
That he with so much diligence had watch'd both day and night;
Then with the gallant British fleet we sail'd from St. Lucia,
Resolving the destruction of the daring enemy.
It was on the ninth of April, just at the break of day,
We spy'd these lofty Frenchmen at Dominica lay.
There being but little wind, and they to windward were,
In spite of our best efforts their convoy did get clear.