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They sent for a man who'd the look of a prig,
And he took me away for the purser to rig.
A huge pair of breeches he gave me, 'tis true,
That reach'd from the top of my rump to my shoe.
A coat he next gave me, too short by a rood;
Twould not cover the backside of poor Robin Hood.
The next thing I met was a man with a stick,
Who bawl'd out, ' All hands !' and then gave me a lick.
' You lubberly rascal! 'Tis what brought you here !
Scud quick, or I'll make you, and hoist up the beer.'
I gave him a look, which he well understood,
For he bang'd me till tired, and so left Robin Hood.
No sooner had we done hoisting of beer,
To a place call'd the galley I did straightway repair.
Such a racket and uproar, and hell of a rout,
Scaldings here, scaldings there. I was glad to creep out.
You could not have thought they behaved so rude,
For they scalded the shins of poor Robin Hood.
I next down below to my dinner was brought,
To eat peas with my messmates like pigs in a trough ;
But as for the pork, I thought not amiss
While one turn'd his back, crying, ' Who shall have this ?'
I thought it was fair, but I soon understood
The smallest of all fell to poor Robin Hood.
Then a man came unto me with a stick in his hand ;
The boatswain he was call'd, if I right understand.
A bucket of grease in my fist he gave fast;
He told me to jump up and grease down the mast.
I scamper'd away then as fast as I could,
But he brought me up standing, ah ! poor Robin Hood !
Two ruffians he ordered to strap me amain.
I wish'd myself back with my Jenny again.
My blood it did boil; I was forc'd to obey :
But I show'd them a specimen of West Country play.
Down the hatchway I bundled one rascal so lewd,
But they seiz'd me behind, ah ! poor Robin Hood !
When peace is concluded—'twill soon be the news— I shall see these rapscallions a-blacking of shoes. With my cudgel of oak I will learn them to skip, And make them remember on board the guard-ship. My song it is ended. If right understood, 'Twas from Sussex I came, and my name's Robin Hood.