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168          SONGS AND BALLADS
Every sailor fought while he, sir, power had to wield his sword, Not a coward could you see, sir, fear was driven from aboard; Wounded men on both sides fell, sir, 'twas a doleful sight to see, Nothing could their courage quell, sir; O they fought couragiously.
When the bloody fight was over we're informed by a letter writ, Teach's head was made a cover to the jack-staff of the ship ; Thus they sailed to Virginia, and when they the story told How they killed the pirates many, they'd applause from young1 and old.
Come all ye valiant seamen of courage stout and bold,
That value more your honour more than misers do their gold;
When we receive our orders we are obliged to go
O'er the main to proud Spain, let the wind blow high or low.
It is the valiant Canterbury, as I to you shall tell, Since Providence has sav'd my life in such a manner well, And all our whole ship's company as well as I do know, When we were in despair in the Bay of Biscay, oh !
The eighteenth of September from Spithead we set sail, With the Romney in our company, blest with a pleasant gale, And so we kept together to the Bay of Biscay, oh ! Till anon the storm came on and the wind began to blow.
Then seeing of the storm come on the Romney bore away ' And left the Canterbury, for she could no longer stay. And when they came to Gibraltar they told the people so, That they thought we were lost in the Bay of Biscay, oh !
But as Providence would have it, it was not quite so bad; But first we lost our mizen-mast, and along with it a flag, The next we lost our main-mast, two of our guns also, And five men were drownded then in the Bay of Biscay, oh !