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Port easy, edge tow'rds her, and run up her side.
Now under our lee we have got her; As stout as she seems we shall humble her pride.
Now, gunner, give fire and have at her.
' See, see how the enemy lye heads and points.
Our shot have done great execution; We have shatter'd their limbs, and so mangled their joints
That they are all in a bloody confusion. Now board 'em, my lads; see you[r] lashes are clear;
Huzza! and couragiously enter. I hope we shall find e'ery Brittan that's here
Will be bold in so brave an adventure.
' How they hide between decks; by their skulking they show
That the French are but puny bravadoes. Wounds ! cut up her hatches, and ply 'em below
With your stinkpots and hand granadoes. Avast: they submit and cry out for their lives.
Good quarter we're ready to grant ye. If you'll lay down your arms, and come out of your hives,
And obey me as I shall command ye.'
" Yea, yea, we surrender." ' Then haul down your sails,
And furl 'em without opposition; For he that crys " Quarter," and after rebels,
Shall be hanged without any compassion. Now loose all your lashings and shear off the ship.
We are clear. Go and hoist out the shallop. Bring the pris'ners on board, but not load her too deep,
Least the ocean should swallow ye all up.'
' Be sure you take care of the captain and those
In commission, and civilly use 'em ; For tho' they are pris'ners, as well as our foes,
'Tis beneath British souls to abuse 'em. Good fortune to them the success might have gave;
Let us therefore respectfully treat 'em; For tho' they are conquered they yet may be brave,
Tho' but cowards to those who have beat 'em,
' How chear yee, my lads ? is not this jolly sport ?
See how Fortune invites you to fight on. Stand in with our prize to the next merry port;
Tow her in for the honour of Brittan.