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158           SONGS AND BALLADS
' To your quarters, my lads; we are now within shot;
Let your guns be all loose in their tackle, Your ports be knock'd open, and every thing got
In a right ready order for battle. See, see that the decks and the gun-room be clear,
And take care that your matches be lighted; Tho' she boldly bears down she shall find when she's near
That we bold Brittains scorn to be frighted.
' Up noise of trumpets; be brisk; hail our prize.
Hark : she answers again with her trumpets. She's resolv'd to engage; to the windward she plys. . See, her colours are out and her drum beats. Hold fast, jolly gunner; let Monsieur begin;
We are are able, my boys, to receive him. If he galls us at first, when we get him close in,
We will make him submit e'er we leave him.
' Cheer up, golden boys ) we are never the worse,
Tho' sh'as pour'd in a broad-side upon us; She only has rak'd us a little : no force,
Jolly lads, have the enemy done us. Their turn shall be next. Port easy, edge nigh her;
Be sure bear your guns to a tittle. God give us good luck, and now, gunner, give fire.
Zounds! starboard ; now shear off a little.
' Huzza! my good lads; that was done to our mind.
She's our own; we shall certainly have her. See, see, she bears up with a stiff gale of wind,
That her leaks may be stopped which we gave her. Port, port, for she shoots ahead from us apace;
Hoist the topsail and bear briskly after; Now, gunner, with good store of langril and case
Let the guns be all loaded for slaughter.
' Thus, thus; keep her thus; well steer'd, my good boys;
I find we shall soon be upon her. Now, lads, for the gold that's aboard of the prize;
It will all be your own when you've won her.