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My dear Baladina, let's stop and take breath: One glass and no more then; for halting is death. Here's a health to the Queen. I'll pledg't; one had said, Sir, speech up your men that they may'nt be afraid. Afraid ? And a speech ? says a sailor there by, Sir, you slander the fleet, and your country bely. Let cowards be speecht, that spur is here vain ; The English need rather the curb and the rein.
You Monsieurs and Dons, if with losses you meet, Yet don't be discourag'd, we'll pay off your fleet.
The Second Fart.
Great Ormond first lands with his jolly marines, Then fit to serve Anna the greatest of Queens: In order they march, two thousand and all, All handsom young men, all lusty and tall. Of the Dons and their guns they do but make sport, Defy their whole army, and ravish their fort: They had blockt up their port with mast, cable, and chain, But Hobson soon taught 'em 'twas labour in vain. You Monsieurs and Dons, if with losses you meet, Yet don't be discourag'd, we'll pay off your fleet.
Your boom is now cut, and your fort is now taken,
And now, rogues, where are you? Now where is your bacon?
Your Shaterino, we shall make him to skip ;
But, scorning to yield her, he burns his tall ship:
'Twas a forest alone, 'twas a new Rising Sun,
But alas ! this must set, as the former had done.
Surviving confounders against us still roar,
Excuse them this once and they'll do so no more.
You Monsieurs and Dons, tho' with losses you meet, Yet dont be dismay'd, we have paid off your fleet.
Now after work, wages, we'll laugh and relate,
O, what a rich cordial is plunder and plate!
Both Monsieurs and Dons had been many moons rigging
And thousands of hands many years had been digging :
But (O, 'tis to them a sad tale to be told !)
For us 'twas they rigg'd, and digg'd silver and gold.
The dreadful now quake, and the poor galleons
Surrender rich cargo to tars and dragoons.
But what is't to us if with losses they meet f If we had their money, we paid off their fleet.