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148          SONGS AND BALLADS
Oh my dear precious, my Billy, my joy, There's nothing my happiness now can destroy ; For since thou art [safe] from all cannon and storms Thy person to me has a million of charms. Oh, stay then on shore; never venture again Upon the rough seas, upon the rough seas, But with me, love, remain.
Thy love unto me now is dearer than life, And happie am I since thou wilt be my wife, And while I'm on shore still with thee I will stay, Imbracing thy charms, love, by night and by day, Till our admiral doth sail with thejfleet on the main ; Yet kind Providence, I hope, yet kind Providence, I hope, Brings me safe back again.
Oh, we sail'd to Virginia, and thence to Fayal, Where we- water'd our shipping, and then we weigh'd all. Full in view on the seas, boys, seven sails we did espy; Oh, we manned our capstan and weigh'd speedily.
The first we came up with was a brigantine sloop, And we ask'd if the others were as big as they look'd ; But turning to windward as near as we could lie, We found there were ten men-of-war cruizing by.
Oh ! we drew up our squadron in very nice line, And boldly we fought them for full four hours' time; But the day being spent, boys, and the night coming on, We let them alone till the very next morn.
The very next morn the engagement prov'd hot, And brave Admiral Benbow receiv'd a chain shot; And when he was wounded to his merry men he did say, ' Take me up in your arms, boys, and carry me away.'