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We robb'd a ship upon the seas, the Gunsway call'd by name, Which we met near the East Indies, and rifled the same; In it was gold and silver store, of which all had a share; Each man 600 pounds and more. Let pirates then take care.
Thus for some time we liv'd and reign'd as masters of the sea; Every merchant we detain'd and us'd most cruelly. The treasures took, we sunk the ship, and those that in it were That would not unto us submit. Let pirates then take care.
Thus wickedly we every day liv'd upon others' good,
The which, alas ! we must repay now with our dearest blood ;
For we on no one mercy took, nor any did we spare.
How can we then for mercy look ? Let pirates then take care.
We thus did live most cruelly, and of no danger thought, But we at last, as you may see, are unto justice brought For outrages of villany, of which we guilty are, And now this very day must dye. Let pirates then take care.
Now farewel to this wicked world, and our companions too; From hence we quickly shall be hurl'd to clear the way for you ; For certainly if e're you come to justice, as we are, Deserved death will be your doom. Then pirates all take care.
To the Tune of Coming down.
My name is Captain Kid, who has sail' [who has sail'd], My name is Captain Kid, who has sail'd ;
My name is Captain Kid.
What the laws did still forbid Unluckily I did while I sail'd [while I sailed, etc.].
Upon the ocean wide, when I sail'd, etc., Upon the ocean wide, when I sail'd,
Upon the ocean wide
I robbed on every side, With most ambitious pride, when I sail'd.