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Our victory hath but one flaw, The unhappy loss of the Breda,
Without any thump, etc. On the Dutch coast she ran aground, And without men was strangely found : They merit hanging if not drown'd,
With a thump, etc.
This vessel's luck was never good ; In her five captains lost their blood,
With a thump, etc. At her mishap we must not grutch ; 'Twas Heaven's will it should be such, Because that the ship's name was Dutch.
With a thump, etc.
Alas ! alas ! poor baffl'd Hans,
The Dane can't ayd thee, nor dares France.
Thou, thou hast had thump upon thump,
Thump, thump upon thump. The Monsieur's fleet a mangy crew is. Monk's brave boys eat beef and brewis, Cry, ' A f------for Denmark and King Lewis ! '
With a thump, etc.
Bow then to Charles, distressed States, After so many broken pates,
With a thump, thump still upon thump, etc. Beg peace, or next your banks shall rue, And we will give the Divel his due ; He shall take Monsieur, the sea drown you ;
Then are ye both tkicmpt, and mumpt, and mumpt,
Now, to conclude, I will take care, As ballads use to end with prayer, -
With a thump, etc.; For ballads made of the old fashion Should still conclude with supplication For King and Queen, and the whole nation,
With a thump, etc.
God bless the Swede, he's not our foe,
And Spain's King too, though France say no ;
They both wish the Dutch well thumpt, thumpt, etc.