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3 Centuries Of Naval History In Shanties & Sea Songs With Lyrics & Notes

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72             SONGS AND BALLADS
Besides all the damage our shipping hath done To vessels and men, in their fight, and their run, Two very stout ships we have taken and fir'd, And in them five hundred and ninety men tyr'd,
With tugging for that,
They cannot get at To make England stoop to their pittyful state; When slaves are turn'd princes, no tyrant so evil, When beggers are mounted, they ride to the Devil, No souls so insulting as such sordid slaves, As climb to preferment on honest mens graves.
Our gen'rals and navy, are all safe and sound,
The Prince and the Duke have our foes in the pound ;
They in their own harbors are pris'ners at ease,
The King of Great Brittain commands where he please.
We ride on the ocean,
And waite for the motion, To venter again they have no great devotion. Had they not crept in, they'd been burnt to a cinder And Holland by this time, had been turn'd to tinder. , God bless King and Queen, with the Duke and all such, As are friends to Great Brittain, and foes to the Dutch.
Who on St. James's Day One thousand 666 fought with a Beast with Seven Heads, call'd Pro­vinces ; not by land, but by water ; not to be said, but sung; not in High English nor Low Dutch but to a new French tune, called Monsieur Ragou; or, The Dancing Hobby­horses.
There happen'd of late a terrible fray, Begun upon our St. James's Day,
With a thump, thump, thump, thump, thump,
Thump, thump, a thump, thump,