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Two hundred almost
Of our men were lost, Such victories seldonvare gain'd without cost; The Zealanders Admiral some think is gone Unto his last home, when his flag was shot down, Tis highly presum'd by the best knowing men, They nere will be able to fight us agen.
The prestmen wel mingl'd with stout voluntiers Did drink away dolor and fight away fears : Our small shot did stand to't with valiant desire, Their guns spit and sparkl'd like bay-leaves in fire ;
Our cannons did roare
They sunk and they tore, Thousands that heard them will nere hear them more. It is better far in a good cause to dye, Then with a bad conscience to live great and high : And in acts of honour there's no better thing, Then dye a true martyr for God and the King.
Our White and Red squadrons Du Ruiter engag'd Five hours, till at last his fierce fury aswaged, He fought as if he had been Mars his own son, From ten in the morning, till three afternoon.
Our Red and our White
Did dazel his sight, They made him to turn and to run away quite, For no other reason as some men suppose But courage did fall from his heart to his hose : Though bad men seek victory, and think to win it, It never will prosper, if God be not in it.
Our frigots persued him, our canons did roare, Until they were come within two miles of shore : Our great ships persu'd, and continu'd the slaughter, So far till they were within six fathom water:
They durst not look back,
To see what we lack, But posting for life, to their harbors they tack ; Their flags being struck, and not set up again, 'Tis thought that Van Trump and Du Ruiter is slain. He that doth protect us, will save us from evil, In spight of the Dutch, the Dane, or the Devil.