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3 Centuries Of Naval History In Shanties & Sea Songs With Lyrics & Notes

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46           SONGS AND BALLADS
We bring home costly merchandise, and jewels of great price To serve our English gallantry with many a rare device; To please the English gallantry our pains we freely show, For we toyl and we moile when the stormy winds do blow.
We sometimes sail to the Indies to fetch home spices rare, Sometimes again to France and Spain for wines beyond compare Whilst gallants are carousing in taverns on a row Then we sweep o'er the deep when the stormy winds do blow.
When tempests are blown over, and greatest fears are past, In weather fair and temperate air, we straight lie down to rest: But when the billows tumble and waves do furious grow Then we rouse, up we rouse when the stormy winds do blow.
If enemies oppose us, when England is at wars With any foreign nations we fear not wounds and scars; Our roaring guns shall teach 'em our valour for to know, Whilst they reel in the keel when the stormy winds do blow.
We are no cowardly shrinkers, but Englishmen true bred; We'll play our parts like valiant hearts, and never fly for dread ; We'll ply our business nimbly, where'er we come or go With our mates, to the Straits, when the stormy winds do blow.
Then courage all, brave mariners, and never be dismayed; Whilst we have bold adventure[r]s we ne'er shall want a trade ; Our merchants will employ us to fetch them wealth, we know; Then be bold, work for gold, when the stormy winds do blow.
When we return in safety with wages for our pains The tapster and the vintner will help to share our gains; We'll call for liquor roundly and pay before we go, Then we'll roar on the shore when the stormy winds do blow.