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' O yee are welcome, rich merchants,
[Good saylers, welcome unto me !'] They swore by the rood the were saylers good,
But rich merchants they cold not bee.
' To Ffrance nor Fflanders dare we nott passe, Nor Burdeaux voyage wee dare not ffare,
And all for a ffalse robber that lyes on the seas, And robb[s] us of our merchants-ware.'
King Henery was stout, and he turned him about, And swore by the Lord that was mickle of might,
' I thought he had not been in the world throughout That durst have wrought England such unright.'
But ever they sighed, and said, alas !
Unto King Harry this answere againe: ' He is a proud Scott that will robb us all
If wee were twenty shipps and hee but one.'
1 The king looket over his left shoulder,
Amongst his lords and barrens soe ffree : ' Have I never lord in all my realme
Will ffeitch yond traitor unto mee ?'
' Yes, that dare I !' sayes my lord Chareles Howard, Neere to the king wheras hee did stand;
' If that Your Grace will give me leave, My selfe wilbe the only man.'
'Thou shalt have six hundred men,' saith our king ' And chuse them out of my realme soe ffree;
Besids marriners and boyes, To guide the great shipp on the sea.'
' I'le goe speake with Sir Andrew,' sais Charles, my lord Haward;
' Upon the sea, if hee be there ; I will bring him and his shipp to shore,
Or before my prince I will never come neere.'
The ffirst of all my lord did call,
A noble gunner hee was one; This man was three score yeeres and ten,
And Peeter Simon was his name.