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That now er driven to dale and ded all thaire dede, Thai sail in the see-gronde fissches to fede; Fele fissches thai fede for all thaire grete fare It was in the waniand that thai come thare.
Thai sailed furth in the Swin in a somers tyde,
With trompes and taburns and mekill other pride;
The word of tho weremen walked full wide;
The gudes that thai robbed in holl gan thai it hide, In holl than thai hided grete welthes, als I wene, Of gold and of silver of skarlet and grene.
When thai sailed westward, tho wight men in were,
Thaire hurdis, thaire ankers hanged thai on here ;
Wight men of the west neghed tham nerr.
And gert tham snaper in the snare, might thai no ferr, ffer might thai noght flit bot thare most thai fine, And that thai bifore reved than most thai tyne.
Boy with thi blac berd, I rede that thou blin, And sone set the to schrive with sorow of thi syn ; If thou were on Ingland noght saltou win, Cum thou more on that coste thi bale sail bigin ; Thare kindels thi care kene men sail the kepe, And do the dye on a day and domp in the depe.
Ye broght out of Bretayne yowre custom with care, Ye met with the marchandes and made tham ful bare; It es gude reson and right that ye evill misfare, When ye wald in Ingland lere of a new lare,
New lare sail ye lere, sir Edward to lout:
For when ye stode in yowre strenkith ye war all to stout.
Men may leue alle gamys, That saylen to seynt Jamys ! Ffor many a men hit gramys,
iWhen they begyn to sayle. Ffor when they haue take the see, At Sandwyche, or at Wynchylsee. At Brystow, or where that hit bee.
Theyr hertes begyn to fayle.