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When Bruges and Ipyre hereof herd tell, Thai sent Edward to wit that was in Arwell; Than had he no liking langer to dwell, He hasted him to the Swin with sergantes snell,
To mete with the Normandes that fals war and fell, , That had ment if thai might al Flandres to quell.
King Edward vnto sail was ful sune dight With erles and barons and many kene knight: Thai come byfor Blankebergh on Saint Ions night; That was to the Normondes a well sary sight, Yit trumped thai and daunced with torches ful bright, In the wilde waniand was thaire hertes light.
Opon the morn efter, if I suth say,
A meri man, sir Robard out of Morlay,
At half eb in the Swin soght he the way ;
Thare lered men the Normandes at bukler to play ;
Helpid tham no prayer that thai might pray;
The wreches er wonnen thaire wapin es oway.
The Erie of Norhamton helpid at that nede, Als wise man of wordes and worthli in wede, Sir Walter the Mawnay, God gif him mede, Was bold of body in batayl to bede.
The due of Lankaster was dight for to driue, With mani mody man that thoght for to thriue, Wele and stalworthly stint he that striue, That few of the Normandes left thai oliue ;
Fone left thai oliue bot did tham to lepe;
Men may find by the fiode a -C" on hepe.
Sir William of Klinton was eth for to knaw ;
Mani stout bachilere broght he on raw.
It semid with thaire schoting als it was snaw;
The bost of the Normandes broght thai ful law ; Thaire bost was abated and thaire mekil pride, Fer might thai noght fie bot thare bud tham bide.
The gude Erie of Glowcester, God mot him glade, Broght many bold men with bowes ful brade; To biker with the Normandes baldely thai bade And in middes the fiode did them to wade ; To wade war tho wretches casten in the brim ; 'The kaitefs come out of France at lere tham to swim.