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Similar in type is Jack and Susan and Long Life to Sir Charles Napier. Bolder is The Baltic Lovers, which relates how a merchant's daughter of Southampton city :
' Did fall in love with a brisk young sailor Who had engaged with Sir Charles Napier,'
and announced her intention of following him to sea in disguise :
' He said " Mary, my charming fairy,
Are you deranged or what can you mean ?— On board the Wellington you know I've entered To fight the Russians and serve the Queen."'
In spite of this discouragement and of the active opposition of her father she entered on board the Wellington, and passed for a long time as a man.
' One lovely morning the fleet had warning To fight the Russians at seven bells, And her true lover did her discover And met his Mary at the Dardanelles.'
Shedding ' large briny tears' she was brought on the quarter-deck before Sir Charles Napier, who was much moved by the spectacle.
' Old Charley said, " You are an angel, You are an angel I plainly see, You love your Queen, you love a sailor, And soon made happy you shall be."'
And thereupon he discharged Mary and the brisk young sailor and sent both back to England singing ' God save the Queen and Sir Charles Napier.'
In addition to this there are of course many songs of a purely v patriotic nature of which the naval glories of England are in part the theme. The most familiar of them is The Red, White, and