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' We're off to the Baltic with Charley Napeer To singe the whiskers of the great Russian bear '
ran the chorus of a song which a friend of mine heard some sailors singing in the streets in 1854. Give it to him, Charley, is the title of another; / am Baltic Charley and no Mistake, is that of a third. In this last, the author, through the form of a dialogue, expresses the sympathy of the British public with the admiral in his quarrel with Sir James Graham:
' " I have sailed too many miles at sea For any land-lubber to frighten me, I fought in Nelson's victory
Like a Briton," said Baltic Charley. Said Jemmy to me " What have you done? Why did not you into danger run ? " " I wopped the Russians at Bomarsund
And a victory gained," said Charley.
' " Now, Jemmy, you shall see by-and-by I will make you open your weather eye And like a pig for quarters cry
For insulting Baltic Charley. Boatswain's mate, come quickly jump, ■ Seize old Jemmy up to the pump, And give him a dozen over the rump
To the tune of Baltic Charley."'
Another series of this Russian group consists of sentimental verses. Bold Napier, for instance, begins:
' Old England calls her sons to arms the Russian bear to
meet, Our brave old admiral commands and guides the British
fleet, The battle calls me from thy arms, let not my Susan
fear In the cause of liberty we go to sail with bold Napier.'