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Then comes a catalogue of the rest of the fleet, in which the six Dutch frigates taking part in the action are not forgotten. ' Take pattern by those English lads, they show you gallant play,' said the Dutch admiral to his crews.
' Now there's one thing more that I relate, which is to be
admired, At five o'clock that afternoon we set their ships on fire, Our rocket ships and bomb ships so well their parts did
play The Algerines from their batteries were forced to run
The last verse concluded with healths to Lord Exmouth and to Captain Atkins (or properly Captain Charles Ekins) of the Superb.
The battle of Navarino, fought on October 20, 1827, inspired several ballads. The Battle of Navarino, which will be found at length in John Ashton's Modern Street Ballads, 1888, p. 225, begins thus :
' You've heard of the Turks and the Greeks,
For all Europe's been told their bad habits, How they cut down each other like leeks,
And the Turks slaughter children like rabbits : But John Bull could bear it no more,
Said he, you death-dealers, I'll stop you, And if you don't both soon give o'er
I swear by St George that I'll whop you.'
It concludes with a cheer 'for the staunch gallant crew, That manned the brave ship the Genoa'—a 76-gun ship whose captain, Walter Bathurst, was killed in the battle—on board of which the author perhaps served.