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And before that my money begins to grow scant, I'll away to the sea, for my love shall ne'er want, And boldly we'll make the loud cannons to roar, And bring home rich prizes as heretofore.
You pretty young maids who have sea, Pray take this advice and be ruled by me, Slight not a bold sailor while he's ploughing the main, Most richly he'll clothe you when he comes home again.
{Madden Collection, Cambridge). The prospect of manning a privateer depended a good deal on the reputation of its commander, and consequently his character was often set forth, as in the ballad called after Captain Barber of the ship Resolution of Liverpool:
Give noble Captain Barber
A good broadsword in hand ; The French to fight [is] his heart's delight
When Barber gives command. He's kind and tender-hearted
And makes his foes to fly, He governs men with justice
And great generosity.
{Madden Collection). Or again in A New Song:
Come with me you jolly tars, We're talking of the Spanish war, Come my boys and tack about, We'll put the Spaniards to the rout..
I beg you'll fill your pots all round, Success to the fleet that's outward bound ; Likewise unto all true blues That sails along with Jemmy Askew, For he's the man that's bold and true, He'll fight for his King and country too.