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INTRODUCTION             lxxxi
Londonderry, but on February 21 he landed some troops at Carrickfergus, but put to sea again after occupying the place for six days. Next day, on February 28, Captain John Elliot, with the Aeolus, Pallas, and Brilliant frigates, engaged the three ships that were left of Thurot's squadron, and captured them all (Clowes iii. 230 ; Entick iv. 319-333). Thurot fell in the fight, and the ballad called Thurots Dream records his fate (p. 220). This is one of the rare cases in which oral tradition has preĀ­served a better version of the original piece than any of the printed broadsides.
Another minor action of much interest, which took place a year earlier, is the subject of the ballad entitled Gilchrist and Hothams Bravery (p. 216). On March 20, 1759, the Southampton, 32, Captain James Gilchrist, and the Melampe, 24, Captain William Hotham, engaged two French frigates and captured one of them, the Danae, a 40-gun ship (Clowes, iii. 301 ; Entick, iv. 266). The capture of three French privateers in the West Indies by Captain O'Brien and Captain Taylor in August 1760 furnished another theme for indifferent verse (p. 222, cf. Entick, v. 55).
After 1759 there were no fleet actions in European waters. Hawke, Boscawen, and Rodney blockaded the western ports of France through 1760. In June 1761 the island of Belleisle surrendered to a naval and military force commanded by General Hodgson and Commodore Keppel. This conquest is the subject of A New Song on the Taking of Belleisle, but the song touches only the service of the soldiers. Pitt meant to tender the island as an equivalent for Minorca in the negotiations for peace which began about this time. For the rest of the war the interest centres in the West Indies. [Guadeloupe had fallen in May 1759; Dominica fell