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• That they might take, and ransack, and enthral The Bodies, Minds, and Christian Souls of all. But those base Pagans never can prevail, If once our English Banners them assail. Our worthy Captain first did cause to fly Two little Ships that by him close did lye ; Who from the Fury of the Foes did glide, Being befriended by Night, Wind, and Tyde. Then being ready, and his Guns run out, He then prepared for a bloody Bout, Like Thunder, Lightning, and a Tempest great; Like Raging Waves, which on the Rocks do beat; Ev'n so our Captain, at his drawing nigh, Vollies discharged at his proud Enemy ; The Waves did tremble, and the Heavens blush, When these two Champions did together rush. The Turks they board us knowing not the strength Of Valiant English, which they felt at length: Presumption prompt(s) them on to graple strong, Which was too hot to be endured long ; For being on Deck, some in the Air did fly, Others our warlike Engines forced to die; Yet six remained, which almost laid us waste By cutting Sails and Rigging from our Mast; For which bold fact, two made the Sea their grave, The rest cried Quarter, which we freely gave. There might you see their Bodies go to wreck, Heads, Arms, and Legs bestrewed upon the Deck. This was their fate, which then they could not shun, Their blood did off the Deck, like water, run. Our Men between Decks with the great Guns tore And rent the Hull of the Turks Ship so sore, Made them leave off, and from our sides to shrink Lest they should all of the Salt-water drink ; Their Ship lying by to stop her Leaks, and then Resolves to prove our Valour once agen. Our Seamen bold, that never daunted were, To their proud Foes, like Lions did appear, Threatening destruction, whilst a lucky Gun Made their Ship tremble, and our sides to shun ; Not once more daring to approach us nigh But from us at a distance far to lie.