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If we but tell the Truth. As how he storm'd Strong Martinico, wonders there perform'd ; Into their Harbour how he forced his way When Thirty warlike French and Dutch there lay; Burnt Nine, sunk More ; the rest (to escape his hands) Did sink themselves, to hide amongst the Sands. Three Forts he there Attaqu'd and Fir'd. And then To Syrenham and Chien wafts his Men: Courage and Conduct, there no less he shew'd. Whereby he those Two Countreys soon subdu'd.
In Seventy-two Vice Admiral of the Blew, He like a Tyger 'mongst the Dutchmen flew, Nine Dutch begirt his Charles. There (sad to tell) Three or four hundred of his Brave Men fell. He paid them off; and when no boot to stay He nobly brought his tattred Hull away.
Lastly in Sev'nty-three, this present Year, His long-try'd Courage lasting did appear Vice Admiral of the Red. Though sick and weak, When scarcely could he go, or stand, or speak, Yet could he fight, direct, encourage, see All well perform'd. Meanwhile poor Gallant he Sate like a Mark for ev'ry shot, in Fight. We'l not reflect on any Man ; nor tell Who did amiss ; only that He did well. And having done his All, he then gave o're. He made to Port, dropt Anchor, came ashore, Never to plough the briny Ocean more. From midst of Storms, Blood, Noise, Confusion, Fires, He coolly, calmly, peaceably Expires, Whose Death Religious : Living Actions were Valiant, Just, Humble, Patient and Sincere.'
Next in importance to the Dutch war was the struggle with the piratical states in the Mediter­ranean, which still continued. Though it was marked by many brave exploits it left surpris­ingly little trace in the naval literature of Charles the Second's time. There were many engage­ments worthy of record. On December 19-29, 1669, for instance, Captain John Kempthorne in