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A System To Cultivate The Musical Memory For Musicians.

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2                                                       MUSICAL MEMORY.
sensitive to colour, has the different varieties of colour brought vividly before his mind. He is compelled to take an interest in all presentations of colour, to notice and take pleasure in the delicate blending of colours, and the harmony which a happy combination of them in room-decoration or personal dress produces; and to feel irritation, and even annoyance at the discord produced by the placing of unsuitable colours in juxta­position. Thus the interest of such an individual is most easily aroused and sustained when colour-sensations are presented to him, and that which interests one most is most readily and permanently retained. The same is true with reference to the ear. The possessor of an ear specially sensitive to musical sounds has such brought before him in a much stronger and more forcible manner than other sensations. His attention is aroused whenever he hears musical sounds, his interest in them is kindled, instinctively he acquires a liking for and an enjoyment in musical performances, fragments of favourite melodies haunt his mind, and he will be able to concentrate his attention more readily upon sensations of this class, and will therefore retain them with less difficulty and more certainty than any others.
4. In this manner special tastes and special memories are created, and these as a general rule follow local endowments which, if properly developed, may eventually influence the choice of a career or a profession. At the same time the non-possession, in a fairly high degree, of particular powers and their corresponding memories would, in callings in which the exercise of them is vital, prevent the attainment of any high degree of excellence. Perseverance can do many things, but it cannot completely overcome disabilities due to imperfect or non-sensitive natural organs. Both the possession and non-possession of natural gifts should be carefully considered before a profession is finally decided upon.
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