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Donovan, Walter
Time; The Student Prince; My Mary­land; Poppy. Songs: "Deep in My Heart"; "Your Land and My Land; "Song of Love"; "Peace to My Lonely Heart"; "Serenade"; "Drinking Song ; "Silver Moon." Address: Estate, c/o ASCAP.
Donovan, Walter, composer; b. East Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 19, 1888. ASCAP 1942. Educ: East Cambridge public schools; self-taught in music. Toured vaudeville circuits for many years in duo piano and singing act; professional manager music publish­ing houses. In Hollywood, wrote for motion pictures. Songs: "One Dozen Roses"; "Aba Daba Honeymoon"; "Down by the Winegar Woiks"; "Gila Galah Galoo"; "Deeply in Love"; "Sad"; "Somebody Sweet Is Sweet on Me"; "Arizona Mary"; "Then You'll Come Back to Me"; "Perfume of Roses"; "Angel"; "I Thank You"; "Say with Your Lips (What You Said with Your Eyes) ; "The Red Tablecloth"; "Steamboat Blues." Home: "Los Angeles, Calif. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Dorsey, Jimmy, composer, saxophon­ist, conductor; b. Shenandoah, Pa., Feb. 29, 1904. ASCAP 1941. Of mu­sical parentage. Educ.: Shenandoah public schools. Played saxophone 1922-34 with popular orchestras; or­ganized 1934 orchestra with brother Tommy; organized own orchestra 1936. Toured U.S. and Europe with orchestra, radio, stage, and screen attraction. Songs: "Beebe"; "Dusk in Upper Sandusky"; "Waddlin At the Waldorr; "It's the Dreamer in Me"; "I'm Glad There is You"; "Two Again"; "Contrasts"; "Oodles of Noodles"; "John Silver." Also instru­mental, inch saxophone solos, and or­chestral works. Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Dougherty, Celius, composer, pianist; b. Glenwood, Minn., May 27, 1902.
ASCAP 1949. Educ.: Univ. of Minne­sota, B.A.; Juilliard Foundation, scholarships for study with Rubin Goldmark, composition; Josef Lhe-vinne, piano. Debut as pianist at age of sixteen; awarded Schubert Club annual prize (St. Paul). Accompanist and assisting pianist with Gautheir, Hempel, Easton, D'Alvarez, Kipnis, Johnson, Meader, Crooks, etc., throughout the U.S. and Europe; member two-piano team. Works: Sonata for two pianos on nautical themes; Violin and Piano Sonata; Sonata for piano solo. Also: "Hush'd Be the Camps Today"; "Love in the Dictionary"; "Children's Letter to the United Nations." Home: 318 W. 104 St., New York 25, N.Y.
Dougherty, Dan, composer; b. Phila­delphia, Pa., July 17, 1897. ASCAP 1927. Self-taught in music. Writer of special material for stage and screen. Songs: "It Certainly Must Be Love"; Tffs All in Fun"; "Glad Rag Doll"; "Mollie", "Alone in the Rain"; "Moan­ing For You"; "I'm Dreaming"; "Sittin' on a Rainbow"; "There's no Depres­sion in Love"; "You're Still in my Heart"; "One Cigarette for Two ; "Jitterbug Jim Kee"; "Got You Where I Want You"; "Let's Get Behind the President"; "Mr. Segal, Make It Legal." Home: New York, N.Y. Ad­dress: c/o ASCAP.
Douglas, Al, composer, author; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., July 6, 1907. ASCAP 1950. Songs: "Dancing in a Dream With You"; ^ "You Should See My Neighbor's Daughter"; "Pause Awhile"; "Melody in White"; "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe"; "Tell Me My Fortune." Also, Chil­dren's Song Book of American Holi­days. Home: 243 E. 94 St., Brook­lyn, N.Y.
Douglas, Bert, composer, author; b. Buffalo, N.Y., May 10, 1900. ASCAP 1942. Began music career as profes-