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John Newton Songs Lyrics & Chords
John Henry Newton ( 24 July 1725 O.S./4 August N.S. – 21 December 1807) was an English sailor, in the Royal Navy for a period, and later a captain of slave ships. He became ordained as an evangelical Anglican cleric, served Olney, Buckinghamshire for two decades, and also wrote hymns, known for Amazing Grace and Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken. Newton started his career at sea at a young age, and worked on slave ships in the slave trade for several years, even after having a Christian conversion. Although Newton continued in the slave trade for several years, he later became a prominent supporter of abolitionism, living to see Britain's abolition of the African slave trade in 1807. John Newton was born in Wapping, London, in 1725, the son of Elizabeth (nee Scatliff) and John Newton Sr., a shipmaster in the Mediterranean service. Elizabeth was the only daughter of Simon Scatliff, an instrument maker from London (the marriage register records her maiden name as Seatcliffe). Elizabeth was brought up as a Nonconformist. She died of tuberculosis (then called consumption) in July 1732, about two weeks before John's seventh birthday. Newton spent two years at boarding school before going to live in Aveley in Essex, the home of his father's new wife. At age eleven he first went to sea with his father. Newton sailed six voyages before his father retired in 1742. At that time, Newton's father made plans for him to work at a sugar plantation in Jamaica. Instead, Newton signed on with a merchant ship sailing to the Mediterranean Sea. Impressment In 1743, while going to visit friends, Newton was captured and pressed into the naval service by the Royal Navy. He became a midshipman aboard HMS Harwich. At one point Newton tried to desert and was punished in front of the crew of 350. Stripped to the waist and tied to the grating, he received a flogging of eight dozen lashes and was reduced to the rank of a common seaman. Following that disgrace and humiliation, Newton initially contemplated murdering the captain and committing suicide by throwing himself overboard. He recovered, both physically and mentally. Later, while Harwich was en route to India, he transferred to Pegasus, a slave ship bound for West Africa. The ship carried goods to Africa and traded them for slaves to be shipped to the colonies in the Caribbean and North America. Slavery Newton did not get along with the crew of Pegasus. They left him in West Africa with Amos Clowe, a slave dealer. Clowe took Newton to the coast and gave him to his wife, Princess Peye, an African duchess. She abused and mistreated Newton equally to her other slaves. Newton later recounted this period as the time he was "once an infidel and libertine, a servant of slaves in West Africa." (Ref Wikipedia)


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A Believer Free From Care-John Newton A Garden Contemplation Suits-John Newton A Word From Jesus Calms The Sea-John Newton A Worldling Spent Each Day-John Newton Afflictions Do Not Come Alone-John Newton Afflictions Though They Seem Severe-John Newton Ah What Can I Do-John Newton Alas Elishas Servant Cried-John Newton Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound-John Newton And Dost Thou Say-John Newton Approach My Soul The Mercy Seat-John Newton As Needles Point Towards The Pole-John Newton As Once For Jonah So The Lord-John Newton As Parched In The Barren Sands-John Newton As Some Tall Rock Amidst The Waves-John Newton As The Serpent Raised By Moses-John Newton As The Suns Enlivening Eye-John Newton As When The Weary Traveler Gains-John Newton Be Still My Heart These Anxious Cares-John Newton Before Elishas Gate-John Newton Begone Unbelief-John Newton Behold The Throne Of Grace-John Newton Beneath The Tyrant Satans Yoke-John Newton Beside The Gospel Pool-John Newton Bitter Indeed The Waters Are-John Newton By Faith In Christ I Walk With God-John Newton By The Poor Widows Oil And Meal-John Newton By Various Maxims Forms And Rules-John Newton Christ A Redeemer And Friend-John Newton Come My Soul Thy Suit Prepare-John Newton Conflicting Feelings-John Newton Constrained By Their Lord To Embark-John Newton Could The Creatures Help Or Ease Us-John Newton Darkness Overspreads Us Here-John Newton Day Of Judgment Day Of Wonders -John Newton Dear Shepherd Of Thy People Hear-John Newton Elijahs Example Declares-John Newton Elisha Struck With Grief And Awe-John Newton Encouraged By Thy Word-John Newton Father Forgive The Savior Said-John Newton Fervent Persevering Prayers-John Newton For Mercies Countless As The Sands-John Newton From Pole To Pole Let Others Roam-John Newton From Sheba A Distant Report-John Newton Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken-John Newton Great Shepherd Of Thy Chosen Flock-John Newton Hark How Times Wide Sounding Bell-John Newton He Who On Earth As Man Was Known-John Newton Hear What The Lord The Great Amen-John Newton Here At Bethesdas Pool-John Newton Here At Bethesdas Pool The Poor-John Newton Honey Though The Bee Prepares-John Newton How Blest The Righteous Are-John Newton How David When By Sin Deceived-John Newton How Hurtful Was The Choice Of Lot-John Newton How Kind The Good Samaritan-John Newton How Lost Was My Condition-John Newton How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds-John Newton How Tedious And Tasteless-John Newton How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours-John Newton Hungry And Faint And Poor-John Newton I Am Saith Christ Our Glorious Head-John Newton I Asked The Lord That I Might Grow-John Newton I Saw One Hanging On A Tree-John Newton I Would But Cannot Sing-John Newton If Paul In Caesars Court Must Stand-John Newton If Solomon For Wisdom Prayed-John Newton If The Lord Our Leader Be-John Newton In Evil Long I Took Delight-John Newton In Mercy Not In Wrath Rebuke-John Newton In Vain My Fancy Strives To Paint-John Newton In Vain Our Fancy Strives To Paint-John Newton Incarnate God The Soul That Knows-John Newton Israel In Ancient Days-John Newton Jesus Christ The Lords Anointed-John Newton Jesus To What Didst Thou Submit-John Newton Jesus Who Bought Us With His Blood-John Newton John In Vision Saw The Day-John Newton Joy Is A Fruit That Will Not Grow-John Newton Kindly Spring Again Is Here-John Newton Kindred In Christ For His Dear Sake-John Newton Legion Was My Name By Nature-John Newton Let Hearts And Tongues Unite-John Newton Let Me Dwell On Golgotha-John Newton Let Us Adore The Grace That Seeks-John Newton Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder-John Newton Let Worldly Minds The World Pursue-John Newton Lord I Approach Thy Mercy Seat-John Newton Lord I Cannot Let Thee Go-John Newton Lord Thou Hast Won At Length I Yield-John Newton Lord Thou Hast Won-John Newton Manna To Israel Well Supplied-John Newton Martha Her Love And Joy Expressed-John Newton Mary To Her Saviors Tomb-John Newton Mary To Her Saviours Tomb-John Newton May The Grace Of Christ Our Savior-John Newton Mercy O Thou Son Of David -John Newton My Barns Are Full My Stores Increase-John Newton My Harp Untuned And Laid Aside-John Newton My Soul Once Had Its Plenteous Years-John Newton Nay I Cannot Let Thee Go-John Newton Now Let Us Join With Hearts And Tongues-John Newton Now May He Who From The Dead-John Newton O Happy They Who Know The Lord-John Newton Oft As The Bell With Solemn Toll-John Newton Oft As The Lepers Case I Read-John Newton On Man In His Own Image Made-John Newton On What Has Now Been Sown-John Newton Once A Woman Silent Stood-John Newton Once Perishing In Blood I Lay-John Newton One Aweful Word Which Jesus Spoke-John Newton One Awful Word Which Jesus Spoke-John Newton One There Is Above All Others-John Newton Oppressed With Unbelief And Sin-John Newton Our Lord Who Knows Full Well-John Newton Pensive Doubting Fearful Heart-John Newton Physician Of My Sin Sick Soul-John Newton Poor Esau Repented Too Late-John Newton Poor Sinners Little Do They Think-John Newton Poor Weak And Worthless Though I Am-John Newton Prayer An Answer Will Obtain-John Newton Precious Bible What A Treasure-John Newton Quiet Lord My Froward Heart-John Newton Rejoice Believer In The Lord-John Newton Return To Bless My Waiting Eyes-John Newton Safely Through Another Week-John Newton Saved By Blood I Live To Tell-John Newton Savior Shine And Cheer My Soul-John Newton Savior Visit Thy Plantation-John Newton Saviour Shine And Cheer My Soul-John Newton See The Corn Again In Ear -John Newton See Aaron Gods Anointed Priest-John Newton See Another Year Is Gone-John Newton See The Gloomy Gathering Cloud-John Newton See The Gloomy Gathring Cloud-John Newton Simon Beware The Saviour Said-John Newton Sin When Viewed By Scripture Light-John Newton Sinner Art Thou Still Secure-John Newton Sinner Hear The Saviors Call-John Newton Son Of God Thy Peoples Shield-John Newton Sovereign Grace Has Power Alone-John Newton Sovereign Grace Has Powr Alone-John Newton Stop Poor Sinner Stop And Think-John Newton Strange And Mysterious Is My Life-John Newton Supported By The Word-John Newton Sweet Was The Time When First I Felt-John Newton Sweeter Sounds Than Music Knows-John Newton That Man No Guard Or Weapons Needs-John Newton The Book Of Nature Open Lies-John Newton The Castle Of The Human Heart-John Newton The Church A Garden Is-John Newton The Evils That Beset Our Path-John Newton The Gathering Clouds With Aspect Dark-John Newton The Kine Unguided Went-John Newton The Lion That On Sampson Roared-John Newton The Lodestone-John Newton The Manna Favored Israels Meat-John Newton The Message First To Smyrna Sent-John Newton The Moon In Silver Glory Shone-John Newton The Peace Which God Alone Reveals-John Newton The Prophets Sons In Time Of Old-John Newton The Signs Which God To Gideon Gave-John Newton The Water Stood Like Walls Of Brass-John Newton The Word Of Christ Our Lord-John Newton Then The Apostle Wonders Wrought-John Newton Though Cloudy Skies And Northern Blasts-John Newton Though In The Outward Church Below-John Newton Though Jericho Pleasantly Stood-John Newton Though Troubles Assail-John Newton Though Troubles Assail Us-John Newton Thus Saith The Holy One And True-John Newton Thus Saith The Lord To Ephesus-John Newton Thy Mansion Is The Christians Heart-John Newton Time By Moments Steals Away-John Newton Time With An Unwearied Hand-John Newton Tis A Point I Long To Know-John Newton We Seek A Rest Beyond The Skies-John Newton Wearied By Day With Toils And Cares-John Newton What A Mournful Life Is Mine-John Newton What Contradictions Meet-John Newton What Think You Of Christ Is The Test-John Newton What Think You Of Christ-John Newton When Adam Fell He Quickly Lost-John Newton When Adam Fell-John Newton When Any Turn From Zions Way-John Newton When Descending From The Sky-John Newton When First My Soul Enlisted-John Newton When First To Make My Heart His Own-John Newton When Hannah Pressed With Grief-John Newton When Israel Heard The Fiery Law-John Newton When Israel Was From Egypt Freed-John Newton When Israels Tribes Were Parchd With Thirst-John Newton When Jesus Claims The Sinners Heart-John Newton When Joseph His Brethren Beheld-John Newton When Joshua By Gods Command-John Newton When On The Cross My Lord I See-John Newton When Paul Was Parted From His Friends-John Newton When Peter Boasted Soon He Fell-John Newton When Sinners Utter Boasting Words-John Newton When The Beloved Disciple Took-John Newton When The Disciples Crossed The Lake-John Newton While With Ceaseless Course The Sun-John Newton With Satan My Accuser Near-John Newton Zaccheus Climbed The Tree-John Newton Zeal Is That Pure And Heavnly Flame-John Newton

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