Hymns About the Passion of Christ
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A Collection of 120+ Traditional Hymns for Passiontide, with PDF.

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Hymns for Passiontide about the Passion of Christ

In Christianity, the Passion (translation of Greek paschein, 'to suffer') is the short final period in the life of Jesus covering his visit to Jerusalem and leading to his execution by crucifixion, an event central to Christian beliefs. It begins with his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and includes his Last Supper, His agony in the Garden, and his arrest and trial. Those parts of the four Gospels that describe these events, as well as the non-canonical Gospel of Peter, are known as the "Passion narratives". In the Christian liturgical calendar, the Passion is commemorated in Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Saturday, this period is called Passiontide and is last two weeks of lent. The word passion has since taken on a more general application and now may also apply to accounts of the suffering and death of Christian martyrs, sometimes using the Latin form passio.(Ref Wikipedia)

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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A Little Farther A Pilgrim Through This Lonely World A Voice Upon The Midnight Air According To Thy Gracious Word Ah Holy Jesus Alas And Did My Savior Bleed1 Crd Alas And Did My Saviour Bleed All Glory Laud And Honor Crd All Glory Laud And Honor All Ye Who Seek For Sure Relief Alone Ben H Price Alone And Didst Thou Love The Race And Now Beloved Lord Thy Soul Resigning As Light O Christ At The Cross Her Station Keeping Behold The Lamb Of God Who Bore Beneath The Cross Of Jesus Blest Land Of Judea Bound Upon The Accursed Tree By Jesus Grave On Either Hand Christ In Gethsemane Christ Our Intercessor Christ Our Sacrifice Dark Was The Night And Cold The Ground Darkly Rose The Guilty Morning Dost Thou Truly Seek Renown Drop Drop Slow Tears Father Most High Be With Us Father Whose Everlasting Love Footprints Of Jesus Forgive Them O My Father Gethsemane Glory Be To Jesus Go To Dark Gethsemane God The Fathers Only Son Great High Priest We See Thee Stooping Hark The Voice Of Love And Mercy Have You Ever Heard The Story He Who Once In Righteous Vengeance His Are The Thousand Sparkling Rills His Voice I Hear Holy Holy Holy Lord Thy Disciples I Love Him Because He First Loved Me In Dark Gethsemane In Gethsemane Alone In The Cross Of Christ I Glory Kathleen Shea Vick In The Darkness Of Gethsemane In The Hour Of Trial In The Lords Atoning GriefInto The Woods It Is A Thing Most Wonderful It Is Finished All The Pain It Is Finished Blessed Jesus It Is Finished Man Of Sorrows jesus' Crucifiction Jesus Meek And Gentle Gr Prynne Jesus Name Above All Names Jesus The Crucified Jesus Wept Lead Me To Calvary Lift High The Cross Light In The Eastern Sky Lord Jesus When We Stand Afar Lord Of Our Highest Love Lord Through This Holy Week Of Our Salvation Lord When Thy Kingdom Comes My God I Love Thee My God My God And Can It Be My Lord My Master At Thy Feet Adoring My Song Is Love Unknown Nailed To The Cross Nature With Open Volume Stands Never Further Than Thy Cross Not All The Blood Of Beasts Isaac Watts O Come And Mourn With Me O Dearest Lord O Jesu Crucified For Man O Jesus Lord Most Merciful O Love Divine What Hast Thou Done O Love How Deep How Broad How High O My Savior Lifted O Perfect God Thy Love O Perfect Life Of Love O Sacred Head Now Wounded O Sacred Head Sore Wounded O Sinner Lift The Eye Of Faith O The Darkness O The Sorrow O Thou The Eternal Son Of God O Thou Who Through This Holy Week O Voice Of The Beloved O Word Of Pity For Our Pardon Pleading Oh Take A Look There Only One Way Eben E Rexford Redeemed By His Blood Charles M Fillmore Rejoice Rejoice Resting From His Work Today Ride On Ride On In Majesty Savior When In Dust To Thee See Him In Raiment Rent See The Destined Day Arise Servant Of All Servant Of God Remember Sing My Tongue The Glorious Battle Sions Daughter Weep No More Son Of Man To Thee I Cry Sweet The Moments Rich In Blessing The Atonement The Blessing Of Prayer The Cross Is Not Greater The Royal Banners Forward Go There Is A Green Hill Far Away Thinking Lord Of Thee Charles E Orr Throned Upon The Awful Tree Lamb Of God Thy Will Be Done Tis Finishd So The Saviour Cried We Sing The Praise Of Him Who Died Weep Not For Him Who Onward Bears Were You There When They Crucified My Lord What Easter Brings Whateer It Be Elta M Lewis Whateer It Be When I Survey The Wondrous Cross On Which The When My Love To God Grows Weak When Our Heads Are Bowed With Woe Who Is He In Yonder Stall Yesterday Today Forever Albert B Simpson

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