Jelly Roll Morton, Inventor Of Jazz, Online Book by Alan Lomax

with Some sheet music & lyrics.

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Appendix One
These listings barely suggest the extraordinary influence of Jelly Rolfs ideas on the whole of jazz. Even more catalytic than the set pieces were scores of charming and original musi­cal devices which he scattered broadcast by playing, publish­ing, recording, and by touring orchestras. To this musical activity Jelly Roll brought the energy and the passion that marked his whole life. In addition, as a composer he never swerved from a consistent devotion to his special flare. He had something in mind to say to the whole world, something which he could only say in music. A review of his published works shows a consistently productive composer with an unswerving purpose. In 1940 Jelly Roll was completing what young Ferdi­nand set out to do in 1902.
Morton's published works are today available in sheet music form from Tempo Music Publishing Company, 818 Quintana Place N.W., Washington, D. C, and in the Jelly Roll Morton Folio, containing twenty scores of his best works, published by Mayfair Music Corporation, 1619 Broadway, New York, N. Y. price one dollar. Both publishers have been kind enough to permit the duplication of some of their music here. In addition, Hally Wood has transcribed a few of the folk songs from the Library of Congress sessions. Special kudos are due to Hally Wood, to J. Lawrence Cook, and to Roy Carew for their sensi­tive work in transcribing these scores.
1)  Mamies Blues—transcribed by J. Lawrence Cook
2)  Winin Boy Blues—transcribed by Roy Carew
3)  The Naked Danc^—transcribed by Roy Carew
4)  Buddy Boldens Blues—transcribed by Roy Carew
5)  The Miserere—transcribed by Roy Carew
6)  Indian Song—transcribed by Hally Wood
7)  C'eie nautf can-can—transcribed by Hally Wood
8)  Moi pas Taimez ga—transcribed by Hally Wood
9)  Alabama Bound—transcribed by Hally Wood
10)  Georgia Skin—transcribed by Hally Wood
11)  King Porter Stomp—Mekose Music
12)  Jelly Roll Blues—Melrose Music 18)  Frog-i-more Rag—Morton ms.