Jelly Roll Morton, Inventor Of Jazz, Online Book by Alan Lomax

with Some sheet music & lyrics.

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It Like to Broke My Heart
were in that trunk, along with shoes and socks and clothes galore, worth a lot of money. (I never wore shoes those days that cost less than 818; and my socks averaged around S5 a pair.) The hotel also had my raccoon and my beaver coat. When I got back to New York, somehow I just forgot to send for that trunk. I always planned to, but I never could get around to it.
I just wasn't myself any more. I walked around in a stupor. I went back to see Madame Elise. Pretty soon I was bringing big bags of food to her. Then i got to eating there�i don t think her husband Bked that. I told her about the condition in my office�how people couldn't wralk in the door. She took some turpentine and scrubbed the walls, but this only made everything worse. Then I resolved to take action and to beat the West Indian to death, because Madame Elise told me it would help if 1 caught him and drew blood. But every time 1 got to the guy 1 couldn't raise my hands.
I realize now that she was helping my enemy, the West In�dian. I found this powder all in my hats. Every time I would put one on, it felt like I had the Library of Congress on my head. Madame Elise told me to take my handbags and cut them up in small pieces and throw them into the Harlem River* and, like a fool I did. She personally ordered me to cut up every bit of clothing I had and bum it all. I always had a lot of clothes and the stack I made in my backyard was way up over the top of my head. I poured on the kerosene and struck a match; it like to broke my heart to watch my suits bum.
It seems like I m still blurry about that doggone thing in New York. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get this spel taken off me, but my luck just got blacker and blacker. I had jobs on jobs offered me, but it got so I couldn't get the men together to make a band. Somehow I never could hold a band together in New York, except for recording dates. The movies called me to Hollywood, but while I was trying to get my men, they decided they couldnt wait any longer and called in