Jelly Roll Morton, Inventor Of Jazz, Online Book by Alan Lomax

with Some sheet music & lyrics.

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Diamonds Pinned to My Underwear
famous. The first, Someday Sweetheart, was my Idea and the second, Wolverine Blues, was my tune.
The basis of Someday Sweetheart was a tune I had learned from an old racetrack friend of mine named Kid North. The Kid at the time was working partners with Bob Rowe, handling his horses for him, as Bob was always kinda sickly. He helped Bob build up the horse, Crowfield, to make an awful lot of money for them both. Kid North was used to money and he was a swTell dresser, always wore his clothes very tight across the chest and his word was—"I wouldn't give a dollar and a half for a diamond as big as anybody's hat.7' He was just a funny sort of guy. He lived in a little house all by himself that he kept to invite the girls to—that is, until he married a beauti­ful girl named Helen. He particularly named this place of his the Lion's Jaw.
"When they go into the Lion's Jaw, they're cinched/' he used to say. "I never let urn get away."
So Kid North played a little piano. To tell you the truth about all he could play was this one tune . . .
Tricks ain't walkin no more. Why they're passing right by that whore, Tve never seen things so bad before, 'Cause tricks aint walkin no more. . . .
Since the Kid knew that I was a writer and we had been friends for quite a while, he told me I could have that tune. x4s you can see, a part of it was taken for the basis of Someday, Sweetheart. Of course, my name doesn't appear on that song, but I'm not jealous. I hope the boys write ten million other ones like it, but, since this story is for The Archives where you're supposed to give the facts, the truth may as well come out. The song was practically wrote at the time Reb and I were working together in a cabaret in Oakland, but they left my name off it.
I'm not sore, but I did get hot about how they handled Wolverine Blues, which they misnamed because it is not a