Jelly Roll Morton, Inventor Of Jazz, Online Book by Alan Lomax

with Some sheet music & lyrics.

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The Cadillac in Bloom
me. One morning I found her and her mother with their hags packed.
"What's the matter?"
I'm going to Arizona. Ive bought a restaurant out there. You want to come along?'*
I didn't want to lose Anita and I went with her. But that restaurant business didn't last her long. She got fooling around with some phoney gold stock and lost everything she had made and in a few months we moved to Frisco, where wTe opened The Jupiter.
1 ran the entertainment with a ten-piece band and ten enter­tainers and Anita handled the bar with ten waitresses and we did a great business. It was too good. Soon the manager of the place across the street had us in trouble with the police. He had it fixed so we couldn't get hold of a license for dancing. I fooled around and spent a lot of money. Then I wrote a letter to the police department and showed them my open mind. In a couple of days Anita and I followed that letter to head­quarters.
They kept us waiting for a couple of hours and by then our Creole was up. They didn't know Anita had a pistol in her pocketbook when they called us in. The police chief slapped the letter down on the table—"Do you know this hand?'*
"Yes, it's mine," Anita said.
"Who dictated it?"
"Me," I said.
"You haven't the intelligence to write a letter like this."
"Say, I was going to school before you left Ireland" I told him and he began to rave. He touched a button under his desk and you never saw so many six footers in your life, pop­ping in through all the doors. I began to get scared, but still thought I'd better keep talking. "Looks like you plan to mob somebody."
"Shut up before you get your head knocked off. You're too smart. That's why you're in trouble."
"We're not in trouble. We're being molested and we're