Jelly Roll Morton, Inventor Of Jazz, Online Book by Alan Lomax

with Some sheet music & lyrics.

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"You want anything on that tenspot . . . ? All right, king, come up there. Ten dollars more will catch the king. Okay, boys, its a bet."
If I can make this one last, If I can make this card last, Tm gonna get one and go toreckly. . . .
"Eight more dollars on the eight spot. . . . Let's make it six­teen. Nobody standing here but you and I. I got the ace—it's better than your eight spot, what do you say? Twenty dollars
more. Okay? Bet..."
Tm gonna get one and go toreckly.
The eight spot fell and Harry taken all the money and we finally got out of that place safe.
So 1 didn't do so good gambling, but beat up on the pool players and got me a few clothes and decided I'd hit the road for awhile, trying out the women. Those days I would land in some little town, get a room, slick up, and walk down the street in my conservative stripe. The gals would all notice a new sport was in town, but I wouldn't so much as nod at anybody. Two hours later, I'd stroll back to my place, change into a nice tweed and stroll down the same way. The gals would begin to say, "My, my, who's this new flash-sport drop in town? He's mighty cute."
About four in the afternoon, I'd come by the same way in an altogether different outfit and some babe would say,
"Lawd, mister, how many suits you got anyway?"
"I'd tell her, "Several, darling, several."
"Well, do you change like that every day?"
"Listen, baby, I can change like this every day for a month and never get my regular wardrobe half used up. I'm the suit man from suit land."
The next thing I know, I'd be eating supper in that gal's house and have a swell spot for meeting the sports, making my come-on with the piano and taking their money in the pool