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How To Play Musical Glasses and Bottles

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musical glasses & bottles

There are two kinds of musical glasses—the kind you rub and
the kind you hit. Both are good fun to experiment with and
some people become really expert at getting tunes out of them.

If you want to rub a musical glass, first fill it about one-
quarter full of water. Then dip your first two fingers in the
water and rub them slowly around the rim of the glass. In a
moment or two the glass will start to hum and give off a clear
singing tone. You can vary the pitch of the tone by the amount
of water you put in the glass. The more water the deeper the

Get three or four people rubbing glasses containing different
amounts of water and you will have some very weird and won-
derful harmonies.

You can get more of a tune out of the glasses that you hit.
Put six or more glasses of different sizes on a table. Then put
varying amounts of water in them so each one will produce a
different note. With a little experimenting and glasses of suffi-
ciently different size, you can make a complete scale. Then by
tapping the glasses with a pencil or a fork, you can play
"America," "Aloha Oe," "The Farmer in the Dell," and a num-
ber of other different tunes.

You can also use bottles for this kind of music. Get bottles
of different sizes and fill them with different amounts of water
until you can play a scale on them. Some bottles that are good
for this purpose are milk bottles, ketchup bottles, vinegar bot-
tles and different sizes of medicine bottles.


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