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How To Play the Piano Accordion - fingering

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The button called the C fundamental is the one with a
double ring around it. On an accordion, it usually has a dented
or raised surface so you can find it easily with your finger.
Press it down with your left second finger to get low C. Release
it and press down the C in the major chord row with your first
finger and you will get the major chord of C.

When playing the bass accompaniment to simple songs
written in the key of C, you usually play C followed by the C
major chord, then G followed by the G major chord, which
you make by pressing the G button in the major chord row.
You may also use fundamental F and the F major chord, and
fundamental D and the D major chord.

The opening measures of "My Bonnie" (Fig. 119) show how
these bass chords are used to fit in and harmonize with the
melody. The first low note in the bass clef in each measure is
the fundamental note; the next two are the corresponding

These measures can also give you an idea of how to use the
bellows. You draw the bellows out, for example, while playing
"My bonnie lies over the ocean," which is a musical phrase.
Then you push the bellows in while you play "My bonnie lies

accordion finger positions


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