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How To Play the Piano Accordion

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accordion & hands

the top C, draw the bellows out while you count four, and
then push them in while you count four, repeating this a num-
ber of times. This is to give you practice in handling the
bellows and maintaining an even tone.

Next play C and D, counting eight and playing a note on
each count, while you pull the bellows out. Do the same thing
while pushing the bellows in.

These exercises will get you started with your right hand. A
few days of practice and you will get the idea. As soon as you
feel you are ready to, start to play simple melodies.

The Left Hand

The basses or bass buttons are played with the four fingers
of the left hand, the thumb not being used.

The wonderful part about the accordion bass is that you
can play a full three-note chord just by pressing down one
button. Here is the way it works.

Use Fig. 118 as a guide. It shows the buttons on a 12-bass
accordion, as you look at the instrument from in front. The
left-hand row is called the fundamental row and when you
press one of its buttons you get a single deep note. But when
you press a button in the major chord row, you get a three-tone

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