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How To Play the Ocarina - fingering

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Now for the sharps and flats. Some people we have known
didn't know that you could make these notes, which correspond
to the black keys on a piano, on the ocarina. Fig. 109 shows the

Notice that there is an alternate fingering for each of these
notes, except low C# or D flat. You can make this tone fairly
well, if you need it, by blowing C with a little more force.
Some people like one fingering, and some the other, and some
ocarinas give a truer tone with one than with the other.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that there is a different
fingering for D# than for E flat, and so on for each of the
other columns. The two notes shown in each column are iden-
tical in tone. On the piano, for example, the same black key
plays each note—D# and E flat, F# and G flat, and so on.

For the sake of absolute clarity, the fingerings shown in Fig.
109 are written out below.

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