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How To Play the Ocarina - making the notes

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by silently pronouncing the letter "T" into the mouthpiece.
Tonguing helps to make each note sharp and distinct, espe-
cially when you are playing rapidly.

How to Make the Notes

The notes produced by the ocarina are made by covering
and uncovering its holes with your fingers and thumbs. Fig. 107
shows the top and bottom of an ocarina, and shows the holes
on which you put your fingers and thumbs.

When playing, you hold the ocarina with both hands, with
the left palm toward you and the right palm turned toward the
instrument. The pointed end of the ocarina should be on your
right. In this position, your fingers and thumbs will fit easily
over the holes in the positions shown in Fig. 107.

Fig. 108 shows how to make all the natural notes—the ones
that are not sharps or flats. The numbers indicate the holes
A black dot means that the hole is closed, and a white dot
means an open hole—made by raising a finger or thumb.

occarina finger holes
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