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How To Play The Bugle - triple touguing

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Triple Touguing

Triple tonguing is used when you play triplets. These are
groups of three notes joined together by a heavy line with the
number 3 over it in printed music. They are played in the
time it would ordinarily take to play two of the same kind of
notes (usually quarter notes). You can see several triplets in
the Mess Call (Soupie, Soupie, Soupie, And Not A Single
Bean) in Fig. 106.

In playing a triplet with triple tonguing, you make three
rapid attacks by pronouncing the syllables "tu, tu, ku." What
you do is to pronounce the "tu, tu" as already described start-
ing with the tongue at the roof of the mouth and dropping it
down. When you come to the "ku" (which you usually do very
rapidly), you keep your tongue down. You will find you have
to do this in any event, since your tongue automatically goes
against your lower teeth when you pronounce "k".

Practice triple tonguing slowly at first and speed up after you
begin to get the hang of it.

Bugle Calls and Music

You can get inexpensive books at almost any music store
that contain the music of all the principal bugle calls and also
quick-stepping marches to play on the bugle. If you have no
other source of music such as a school or Boy Scout Bugle
Corps, be sure to get one or more books. The variety of bugle
music they contain may surprise you.

mess call bugle
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