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How To Play The Bugle - how to blow

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How to Blow the Bugle

The bugle is held by the right hand as shown in Fig. 104.
It should be held straight out in front of you or in a horizontal
position. Don't slant it up or down.

When you are going to sound a note put the mouthpiece
against your lips, at the center of your mouth. Start by putting
one-half of the mouthpiece against your upper lip and one-half
against your lower lip. This is the best position for many play-
ers, but it may or may not suit you. If it doesn't seem right,
move the mouthpiece either up or down a little until you find
the position that feels best to you.

You don't have to do this the first day. As you get used to

bugle position

playing, you will find the best position without any trouble.

Put your lips lightly together and draw back the corners of
your mouth. This will tighten your lips and put them in position
to vibrate against the mouthpiece. Hold your cheeks in. You
should never puff out your cheeks while blowing.

With the mouthpiece held against your lips, take a deep
breath of air, drawing the air in through the* corners of your


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