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How To Play the Harmonica - playing the chromatic

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the frequently used B flat; and D# is the same as E flat.

There are some differences in the arrangement of the notes
in the twelve-hole chromatic harmonica. For example, C in the
lower parts of hole 4 and hole 8 is made by drawing instead
of blowing as is usual for C. Also, high D has been placed in
hole 12 to give an extra note.

Playing the Chromatic Harmonica

The chromatic harmonica is held in the left hand in the
same way as the regular harmonica with the fingers on top and
the thumb beneath. The right hand rests against the right end
of the instrument with the fingers pointing up so the first and
second fingers can work the slide. The right thumb rests against
the end of the side of the harmonica that is toward you.

You play the chromatic harmonica in exactly the same way
as the plain harmonica, blowing and drawing in to form the
different notes. The only new thing you will have to learn is
how to operate the slide to produce sharps and flats. After you
have practiced going up and down the scale, including all the
lower hole notes, we would recommend that you start right in
playing simple tunes slowly—either by ear as though you were
whistling or from printed music.

Twelve Hole Chromatic Harmonica

twelve hole chromatic harmonica


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