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How To Play the Harmonica - concert harmonica

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Move the fingers of the left hand to meet the same fingers of
the right hand. The two little fingers and the sides of the hands
should touch or almost touch. This forms an air chamber be-
tween the hands. Now, by opening and closing the right hand
quickly in a vibrating manner, you can produce a first-class
tremolo. Some players like to move the left hand to get this
effect. It seems to be a matter of personal choice.

The Concert Harmonica

The concert, octave or double hole harmonica (Fig. 99)
could be described as two plain harmonicas in one. It is a little
larger and the tone holes are divided in two. This makes a
total of twenty holes instead of ten—ten upper holes and ten
lower holes. Each double hole produces the same note, such
as C, but the C of the upper part is an octave higher than the
C of the lower part.

You play the concert harmonica in exactly the same way as a
plain harmonica. The only difference is that the concert har-
monica produces two notes instead of one and you therefore
have a larger volume of tone.

concert harmonica


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