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How To Play the Harmonica - how to blow

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while the one in F is very high. Between these two is the har-
monica in C, which is the one most everybody uses. That is
the one we would recommend a beginner to get, but we will
tell you how to play one pitched in any key.

The chromatic harmonica (Fig. 100) is relatively new and
is quite some instrument. On the plain and concert type har-
monicas you can play only natural notes—no sharps or flats. The
chromatic harmonica, however, can play both sharps and flats,
which enables you to play a good many more tunes than on the
ordinary kind. How the chromatic harmonica works is ex-
plained below.

How to Blow the Harmonica

There is a certain knack to blowing the harmonica and it
takes a little practice to learn it. But once you do, you are
all set.

Each hole of a harmonica produces two tones. You make one
tone by blowing, and the other by drawing in your breath. The
first thing you must learn is to blow into only one hole and
sound only one note at a time. This is done by what is called

Hold the harmonica in your left hand, with the first and
second fingers on top and the thumb beneath. Have the No. 1
or lowest tone hole at the left. Put the harmonica well into
your mouth, with the lips covering only the first four holes on
the left side. Then press the flat of your tongue (the front part
of its top) against the first three holes, covering them so only
the fourth or right-hand hole is open. Be sure to use the flat of
your tongue, not the tip. Now blow and you will sound the
fourth note only. Draw in your breath and you will sound the
other note made by the fourth hole.

The other, higher notes are made in the same way. Each
time you cover three holes with your tongue and sound only the
note just to the right of them. You should practice to have your
lips always cover just four holes at a time. This helps in sound-
ing just the one note you want to play.

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