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How To Play The Trombone - points on playing

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and this note is in the first and easiest position. The scale is
shown in Fig. 94, together with the position of the slide at each
note. Play this scale up and then play it down, and you will
begin to get the feel of the instrument and how it works. Then
play all the notes made at the first position, and at each suc-
ceeding position. Play them slowly and carefully, as this prac-
tice will then familiarize you with the different note positions.
Then try playing "J^gle Bells," playing D for the first six notes
—"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells."

Points on Playing the Trombone

You will need some simple tunes on which to practice, and
should get a book of melodies arranged for the trombone at
your music store. They will give you "Jingle Bells" and many
other pieces that you should be able to play without difficulty
once you have learned how to make the notes. They will also
familiarize you very quickly with the principal notes that are
used in much of the trombone music.

Keep in mind that when you are playing, and particularly
when you are playing quickly, you must work the slide and
your tongue at the same instant in producing the notes.

Do not spend much time at first in playing the high notes.
Wait until you develop your lip strength, when they will come
niore easily.

You should find at your music store music written specially
for the trombone or for the trombone and piano, if you have a
friend who can play the piano with you. The music that is spe-
cially arranged for the trombone can be played right from the
written notes. It does not have to be transposed. If you are play-
ing from a regular song book, with the melody written in the
treble clef, you have to transpose each note one tone higher.
Lots of people can do this, but it is hard for beginners.

When you are playing, you should quite frequently free
your trombone of water. This is done by using the water key at
the front of the slide. Be careful never to let the water drain off
through the mouthpiece.

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