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How To Play The Flute And Piccolo -notes

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time. You remove your little finger and allow the key to close
only when you are playing the note D in the two lower octaves,
and the three very highest notes, Bb, B and C (Fig. 85). This
is important and is indicated in Fig. 84 by the number 10 at
the bottom of most of the columns. Number 10 means to press
down the Eb key, number 10.

The two lowest levers on the flute, numbers 11 and 12, are
rarely used. They are used to make the two very lowest notes,
C and C#. When you press down the levers, the keys marked
C# and C are made to close. You press down lever 11 to make
C#, and you press down levers 11 and 12 to make C. The rest
of the time these keys stay open of their own accord, and you
do not have to pay any attention to them.

The important thumb key or B key, number 2, and the little
Bb key just above it, number 6, also require a little explanation.

Your left thumb rests on the thumb key almost all the time,
keeping it closed. This is indicated by the figure 2 in the
columns. The only notes for which you remove your thumb
and allow the key to open are C in the third space of the staff,
the C# just above it (Fig. 89), the high G and high.C (Fig.
90). When the thumb key is to be open, no number 2 appears
in the column.

The little Bb key, number 6, is used to make Bb. Simply
slide your thumb over to cover it and press it down.

Apart from these rather specialized keys, the fingering and
playing of the flute is very simple.

The first three fingers of the left hand play on keys 1, 3 and
4. All the left little finger has to do is to work the G# key when
you want to play G#.

The first three fingers of the right hand rest on keys 7, 8 and
9, and usually spend most of the time playing them. Each one,
however, has one extra duty.

The right first finger works the lever and key marked C,
which is a key used for making trills. The subject of trills and
the use of the trill keys is more complicated than one might


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