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methods of fingering. Players gradually learn these and use
the one that is most convenient as they are playing along.

Here is where the fingers go when playing:

The left first finger plays on Hole 1 and the A and B keys.

The left second finger plays on Hole 2.

The left third finger plays on Hole 3 and key C.

The left little fihger plays on keys D, E, F and G.

The left thumb plays on the thumb hole and the octave key.
(Fig. 86.)

The right first finger plays on Hole 4 and keys H, I, J and K.

The right second finger plays on Hole 5.

The right third finger plays on Hole 6 and key P.

The right little finger plays on keys L, M, N and O.

Fig. 85 is condensed and may seem a little confusing at first.
Take your clarinet in your hands, however, and start to figure
out the fingering, starting with low E and working up the scale,
and you will soon catch on to how it is done.

Notice that for all the notes at the tops of the columns you
keep the thumb hole closed with your right thumb. The octave
key is also closed. For the notes at the bottom of the columns
the thumb hole is closed, but the octave key is opened by
pressing it down with your thumb.

Fig. 86 shows how to finger the middle register notes from
F# in the first space of the staff up to Bb on the third line of
the staff. These notes are shown separately because they are
made somewhat differently from the other notes, using different
keys. Fig. 86 shows the octave or register key and the thumb
hole that are on the under side of the clarinet. It also shows the
little keys H, I, J and K, which appear in Fig. 85.

Since the figure shows the under side of the instrument, it
cannot show the keys marked A and B in Fig. 85. The A key
is used to make A, A# and Bb; and the B key is used to
make G#.

Notice that there are two ways to make F#, one with the
thumb hole open and the left first finger on Hole 1; the other

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