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How To Play THE TRUMPET AND CORNET -playing tunes

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little further back in your mouth than when playing the lower
notes and then pronounce "tu" with considerable force. Don't
use all your force, and don't try too hard just at first. Try the
high D, E and F, and if you don't do very well, forget them for
a day or so and then come back to them.

As you practice the easier lower notes, your lips will gradu-
ally gain strength and the higher notes will present no difficul-
ties. So do not try to force them right at the start. It is like
trying to run before you can walk and is the wrong way to go
about it. Have patience and in a week or so after you start you
should begin to get results.

Playing Tunes

When you can play the most commonly used notes, which
are those from the low E to the E on the fourth line of the
staff, you are all set to start playing tunes. Get whatever music
you like best at the music store or ten-cent store and see how
well you can make out.

As with any other instrument, you should start with simple,
slow-moving tunes like, for example, "Long, Long Ago," "Amer-
ica," "Home on the Range," and so on. Any good song book
will provide you with dozens of well-known melodies with
which you can get started.

Each time, before you start to play, be sure that your instru-
ment is free of water. Then warm it up by playing single notes
and some sustained tones to strengthen your lips and improve
the quality of the tone you can produce. Don't play for too
long a time at the beginning. Stop when your lips begin to be
tired of being under tension.

After playing, be sure to let out all the water in the instru-
ment before putting it away. If you don't do this, the water
will harm the insides of the tubes.

Once or twice a week you should rinse out your trumpet or
cornet with lukewarm water. Many players pour a little water
through their instrument once every day. This keeps it clean
and helps to keep the valves in good condition.

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