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away from the body. The first, second and third fingers of the
right hand are then put on the buttons of the first, second and
third valves. When you are playing or practicing, always keep
the fingers on the valves. Put the right thumb under the upper
tubes near the valves. This helps to keep the fingers in the right

Tone Production

The most important thing to learn about playing a trumpet
or cornet is to produce a good, clear tone. This will come as
you play and practice and your lips develop the needed amount
of strength.

To produce a tone, put your lips together except for a small
opening in the center for your tongue and for your breath to
pass through. The tone is produced by a combined action of
the lips, the tongue and the breath.

Put your lips against the mouthpiece and place your tongue
against your upper teeth as though you were going to say the
letter "T". Then blow into the mouthpiece, at the same time
saying "T" or "tu" under your breath. It is important that you
do not move your lips when you do this, as that would make
the tone weak and indistinct. Keep your lips entirely motion-
less, letting the tongue do all the work.

An important point is to learn to draw in your breath through
the corners of your mouth. Don't breathe in through the

trumpet player
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