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How To Play THE VIOLIN -tuning

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VIOLIN & pitch pipe

How to Hold the Violin

The violin is held in a horizontal position between the left
shoulder and the chin. The top should slant a little, the right
side being lower than the left. (Fig. 61.) Learn to hold your
violin firmly between shoulder and chin without support from
the left arm. This arm and hand must be free to move at will
along the fingerboard.

Put your violin in position and rest your left fingers on the
fingerboard. Look at Fig. 61 and you will see that the left fore-
arm and hand are in a straight line. This is important. Do not
let your wrist bend out or bend in to touch the neck of the
violin. It is an excellent idea to practice while standing in front
of a mirror to be sure that the scroll is always a little higher
than the left shoulder. Turn sideways to watch that the bow
always stays at right angles to the strings. Keep the left elbow
well under the violin, bending it to the right so you can almost
see it under the right-hand edge of the violin. This brings the
left little finger within easy reach of the strings.

How to Hold the Bow

The bow is held between the four fingers of the right hand
and the right thumb. The stick should touch the second joint

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