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VIOLIN players

The violin, admittedly, is one of the most difficult instruments
to learn to play well. That should be said. But now that we
have said it, we are going right on to point out that thousands
of people have taught themselves to play the violin and can
now play practically any piece of popular music they want to,
as well as all the old favorite traditional songs and hundreds
of beautiful semi-classical and classical melodies drawn from
the world's great store of music available to anyone who will go
into a music store and buy some inexpensive collections of
popular violin pieces.

In these books you will find different arrangements of some
of the world's most glorious music; some arrangements so
simple that you can play them as soon as you learn the finger-
ing of the violin, others more difficult, and others that you will
have to work up to by degrees. Brahms' "Lullaby," Kreisler's
"Alt Wien," Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song," and dozens of
others are there for you to play, if that is the kind of music you
like. Many people do not realize that this beautiful music is
available for them in simple arrangements that even beginners
can play.

One reason why the violin is more difficult to play than other
string instruments like the guitar and banjo is that there are no
frets (raised crosspieces) on the violin fingerboard to guide
your left-hand fingers to the proper position for each not<^ In
the beginning you have to feel your way toward the notes.
With the help of the diagrams in this chapter you will be able

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