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old folks at home music

These are about all the keys you are likely to find music written

Please try not to be bothered by the keys like E major which
has four sharps, and Ab major, which has four flats. If you
come across music written in these keys, just look at the chord
diagrams for them and you will know what chords to play.
With the ukulele it is just as easy to play in these keys as in
the good old key of C, which has no sharps or flats.

Three different chords are given for each key. This is so you
can vary the chords, using first one and then another as they
fit in with the melody. An example of how the three different C
major chords are used in this way is given in Fig. 21, which
shows the opening measures of Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at

Where to put your fingers on the strings to make the differ-
ent chords is indicated by the numbers in Fig. 20. Do not put
your fingers on the frets. Put them just behind the frets on the
side toward the head of the uke.

Notice that in sopie chords two or even three notes are made
with one finger. See the first C major chord for an example,
where two notes are joined by a curved line. This is called the


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